At Venture Church, House Parties are the way students Invest in Community as they discover what it means to truly know, love and follow Jesus Christ. By providing a small group environment, House Parties set the stage for students to build meaningful relationships with each other while growing deeper in their faith. House Parties are led by student ministry leaders in area host homes and happen three Wednesdays a month from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.


House Party Locations

lincoln road / hunt club locations

+ Bent Creek

  • Hosts: Tracy & Stacey Stiglet
    Target Group: High School (grades 9 - 12)
    Address: 38 Steep Hollow Hattiesburg, MS 39402

+ The Trace

  • Hosts: Matt & Brittney Borbash
    Target Group: High School (grades 9-12)
    Address: 29 Morrell Circle Hattiesburg, MS 39402

+ Innswood

  • Hosts: Bo & Kathryn Pennebaker
    Target Group: Middle School (grades 7 & 8)
    Address 1200 Sandlewood Drive Hattiesburg, MS 39402

+ Bellewood

  • Hosts: Shane & Deanna Turner
    Target Group: Middle School (grades 7 & 8)
    Address: 11 Carriage Lane Hattiesburg, MS 39402

+ Petal Barnyard

  • Hosts: Mike & Shannon Newsome
    Target Group All Grades (grades 7 - 12)
    Address: 24 South Beech Lane Petal, MS 39465

+ Sumrall/North Forrest

  • Hosts: Jeff & Emma May
    Target Group: All Grades (grades 7 - 12)
    Address: 515 Lott Town Road Sumrall, MS 39482

+ Purvis

  • Hosts: Joseph & Mechelle Parker
    Target Group: All Grades (grades 7 - 12)
    Address: 5628 Highway 11 Purvis, MS 39475

stone county locations

+ Overstreet House

  • Hosts: Jason & Anna Overstreet
    Target Group: Middle School (grades 7 & 8)
    Address: 53 Walton Road Wiggins, MS 39577

+ Burn House

  • Hosts: Bobby & D’Shea Burn
    Target Group: High School (grades 9 - 12)
    Address: 3087 Highway 26 Wiggins, MS 39577

Gulf Coast Locations

+ Bayou View

  • Hosts: Katie & Tony Myers
    Target Group: All Grades (grades 7 - 12)
    Address: 4 Popular Circle Gulfport, MS 39507

House Party FAQs

+ Will students be able to sign up for House Parties?

  • Students are encouraged to sign up for a House Party so that the number of students at each house can be tracked. Even though sign ups are highly encouraged, students are invited and welcomed to any House Party at any time - even without signing up.

+ How will students get to House Parties?

  • Because many of our locations are private residences, students (who can drive) and their parents are encouraged to come together and carpool to House Parties to help with the number of cars parked at any one location at one time.

+ How do House Parties work?

  • Locations for House Parties have been selected based on their geographic location and proximity to a region's student populus. Following a short video teaching, students will be divided into smaller gender-specific groups for a time of in-depth discusssion. Some homes are designated for middle school students only, some homes for high school students only, and some homes will be open to all grades.

+ What will happen at House Parties?

  • A pre-recorded video message from one of our student pastors will be shown at the beginning of House Parties each week. Following video teaching, students will break into smaller gender-specific groups to dive further into scripture, as leaders help students apply biblical truth to their lives.

+ Will there be any food at House Parties? Will they cost anything?

  • All House Parties will have light snacks available for free.

+ When will House Parties take place?

  • House Parties will be on the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of the month from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Before leaving a House Party location, leaders will ensure all students have left first.

+ What safety measures will be taken for House Parties?

  • House Parties will have multiple adult and college leaders present to ensure the safety of all students. Per Venture's security policies and procedures, a comprehensive background check must be completed for each leader, as well as House Party site host prior to serving.

+ Can my student bring a friend to a House Party? Does the friend need to sign up?

  • Yes! We want your students to bring their friends to House Parties! Sign up is encouraged but NOT required. The ultimate goal is for students be there!

Further questions? Contact us.