Venture Church exists to be a church for the unchurched.

God has given Venture Church a vision to reach unchurched people who are far away from God. You may be thinking, "isn't this the vision of every church?" The reality is that only 35% of people who live in Mississippi attend church. That means on any given Sunday, 65% of our neighbors, coworkers, friends and maybe even family don't go to church. Many people are so deep in their brokenness, they don't feel good enough to even enter the doors of a church. Others have been deeply hurt by the church and left not to return.

At Venture, we believe it is imperative to design environments that align with our vision. That's where things at Venture are noticeably different from mainstream church culture. With purpose and intent, we work hard to create environments where outsiders feel welcome and accepted, because we believe when someone is relaxed and comfortable in an environment, their minds and their hearts are more receptive.


Our mission is to lead people to know, love and follow Jesus Christ.

We desire to see people living out a daily lifestyle defined by knowing Jesus Christ personally, loving Him passionately and following Him faithfully. This is a tall order in our deeply steeped church culture, because many base their walk of faith on acts of tradition, rituals or religion. But information alone does not lead to transformation.

We want to see people so changed by God from the inside out that it permeates every part of their life - the way they love others, the way they serve others and the way they worship God.


Here at Venture Church, we have a four-part strategy to help carry out our vision and mission in the community and around the world.

The first part is INVITE. We want you to invite with intention. What does that mean? It means inviting others to church becomes integrated into your daily walk of faith. It means that in your ordinary, everyday interactions and encounters with your coworkers, your friends, your family and even strangers that inviting others is at the top of your mind. Even though we live in a culture with a church on every corner, only 35% of people attend church regularly. At Venture, we work really hard to create comfortable and welcoming environments that make it easy to invite people who are far away from God.


The second part of our strategy is INVEST. We want you to feel invested in community. At Venture, community looks a little different from the more traditional setting of a Sunday School class. We believe genuine, authentic community is cultivated when people get out of large rows and into small circles where they can pray and study the Bible while developing meaningful relationships with others. We want adults of all ages, stages of life and stages of faith to find a safe place where they can be fully known as they do life together with others and grow deeper in their faith.


The third thing we ask you to do is IMPRESS. We mean to impress through serving. (No, we don't mean to wow others with your good looks and charming personality!) We want you to get some skin in the game and use your gifts to serve other people. How do you do this? Well, you can start by getting plugged into a volunteer team at church. This could look like serving on a greeter team, a parking team, a coffee team, the production team or even rocking babies, teaching preschoolers or leading kids at KXP. The bottom line is that when we serve other people, we impress the love of Jesus into their lives.


The fourth and final thing we ask you to do is IGNITE. We want you to ignite by giving. When you give financially, whether big or small, it is an act of faith lived out in a very practical area of your life. When you give at Venture, it is testament that you believe God is moving through our church to reach 10,000 people who need Him. Imagine what God can do if we all lean in together and offer our resources to follow in obedience and go in faith wherever God calls us to go!