Week Two | Day One

Read: "'And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters,' says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18

Whether you’re currently a parent, or hope to be one someday, yesterday, Jeff Clark spoke on the importance of investing in our families. Whether you became a parent at a hospital, with a phone call or any number of other ways, nothing tests you quite like parenthood. Each stage brings about a new lesson from God, and the incredible plan He has for each of our lives.

Babies teach us patience. When we’re anxiously waiting on a positive test, or a phone call to let us know that we’ve been selected; when it feels like we haven’t slept in days (because honestly, we haven’t,) and we want to give up; when it feels like nothing we’re doing works. God, give us the patience we need to make it through the day, and especially through the night.

Toddlers teach us wonder. Everything is why, because everything is new. There is a beautiful fascination in discovering one new experience after another. God, let us remember what it’s like to see the world with childlike wonder. Give us the ability to see the incredible world you’ve created with fresh eyes, and allow us to share in that wonder.

Teenagers teach us grace. It seems like teenagers were made to push our buttons, and we were never this out of control, were we? What were they thinking? God, remind us that your grace is never-ending. We fail so many times, but you continue to love us anyway. Remind us of your beautiful grace, and allow us to extend that to our teenager.

Young adults and beyond teach us incredible faith. Did we do enough to prepare them for the real world? Pray enough? God, give us enough faith to trust that you will honor the investment we’ve made in our kids, and that they are in your hands.

Do: Take a few minutes to pray over each of your children by name. Then, pray for yourself and the season you’re in with your family. Pray that God would teach you the lesson you need right now. If you don’t have a family yet, pray for the family that you will have one day.