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When we read about the development of the early church in the New Testament, community is a repeated theme. Believers regularly gathered in homes for discipleship where they became deeply connected with one another in a trusted community of faith. House Churches are designed to model that example, providing a weekly gathering space where anyone can join at anytime to share a meal, pray, and dig deeper into scripture together.

House Churches are ongoing and meet weekly with the exception of a designed rest week once every month.

New people are always welcome in a House Church. We encourage you to find the House Church in closest proximity to where you live and try it first. Once you find the right fit, make a commitment and begin investing in community. To find the House Church closest to you, click the link below, then follow the directions on the page.

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During House Church, the House Church Pastor will guide members through a deeper dive into the previous Sunday’s message, teaching, and scripture. The goal for anyone participating in a House Church is transformation which requires personal application, enabling people to process and integrate the timeless truths of the Bible into their lives.


House Churches are geographically-based. We want people to live in deep, intimate community with others who live on their street, in their neighborhood, or in the same town. People who live in close proximity are more likely to regularly attend a House Church, engage outside of weekly House Church gatherings, and experience genuine community. We want House Churches to be scattered throughout our communities with neighbors bringing neighbors to House Church.

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