To Impress means to leave a mark. When we carry out God’s calling for us to love others by serving them as Jesus did, it leaves a Jesus-shaped mark (or impression) on their lives.

The fastest way to move from watching a movement of God to becoming a part of a movement of God is by serving alongside others on Team Yellow. The goal of Team Yellow is to impress the love of Jesus into the lives of those God brings to Venture Church through serving them. Team Yellow is made up of different ministry areas, and each ministry area is made up of a variety of roles. While each ministry has a different purpose and each role has a different function, all are important and work together to impact eternity.

To become a part of Team Yellow, you must complete Track One and Track Two of Your Venture, the first step in partnering with Venture Church on an exciting journey to fulfill your God-given purpose. Through Your Venture, we want to help you discover the gifts God has given you so that you can begin your pathway to purpose, living intentionally and experiencing the full life God created for you.    


Your Venture

Have you ever wondered the secret to really knowing and living a fulfilled life? Well, it's actually not a secret, and it's available to anyone ready to receive it. We've all been thoughtfully designed by the Creator of the universe with unique gifts that equip us for one common purpose – to glorify God.

The goal of Your Venture is to help you understand your gifts, reveal your passions and empower you to fulfill your purpose in life. Your Venture is made up of two tracks that can be completed in two short sessions that will put you on the path to living the life that God created for you.

Ready to discover the calling God has equipped you for? Join us for Your Venture, Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at your campus.