Who We are

Venture Worship  exists to model a lifestyle of honest worship. We are a diverse family that comes from every walk of life - from youth to grandparents, from creatives to business owners, from traditional to hipster. The one thing we all have in common is Jesus and our desire to praise Him for His immeasurable grace and goodness. 


What we do

We worship with excellence (Col. 3:23). We believe that no matter what position we hold on stage, each and every one of us has a role in ushering others to a place of authentic and heartfelt worship. A vocalist, a drummer, a guitarist...if you are on stage, you are a worship leader. Every person plays an equally important role in leading people to know, love and follow Jesus.


Why we Serve

We all have a different reason that fuels us to be a part of Venture Worship. For some, it’s because Jesus has healed them.  For some, it’s because He has reconciled their marriage.  For some, it’s because He’s broken the chains of addiction in their lives. Ultimately, we feel called to make the name of Jesus famous through worship because He is worthy, and His grace has been displayed in each of our lives.

Upcoming auditions:

Tuesday, November 26


Step 1: Download

Download the Audition Resources and follow the instructions for your instrument using the "Video Auditions How To" document.

Step 2: Submit

Submit your audition by filling out the Venture Worship audition form. Please include the YouTube link to your video on the form.