Daily Devo

Daily Devos

Not As Scary As We Thought

Nov 30    Revelation 1

Standing Firm In The Faith

Nov 29    Jude 1

Don't Be A Diotrephes

Nov 28    3 John 1

Walking In Truth And Love

Nov 27    2 John 1

The Perfect Friend

Nov 24    1 John 5

A Perfect Life

Nov 23    1 John 4

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Nov 22    1 John 3

Godly Obedience

Nov 21    1 John 2

Fearless Testimony

Nov 20    1 John 1

'Tis The Season

Nov 17    2 Peter 3

Straws Are For Suckers

Nov 16    2 Peter 2



As we read one chapter a day from the book of Matthew all the way to the book of Revelations, dig deeper with Daily Devotions! These short devotions are designed to help you unpack each day’s scripture and provide practical challenges for personal application.

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