Week 2 | Tuesday


Submission (Submit to God’s will)


Read: Revelation 1:8

Yesterday, we examined the word “hallowed” in the phrase “hallowed be thy name.” By reflecting on how much we regard our own name, we can better understand what it means to praise God’s name with more adoration than anything else in life that we celebrate. And that’s where we pick up today.

If you tried to research how many names there are for God in the Bible, you would come up with a lot of different conclusions. He has HUNDREDS of names, ALL worth praising. Why is that? Well, it could be as simple as agreeing that it’s humanly impossible to sum Him up. Certainly valid. But what if it’s deeper than that? What if it actually has less to do with our capability with words and more to do with His capability with relationships?  

Like most of us, I’ve been through a lot of different seasons in my life of faith, but there is one season that stands out. I was in. the. pit. The blackest hole of my life. I can remember sitting in my laundry room floor looking up at my best friend and saying through a lot of ugly tears, “if this is what life is, I don’t want to live it anymore.” I couldn’t see it that night, but God was lovingly chasing me down into that hole so that I had nowhere else to go but to turn around and look at Him. Thankfully, I surrendered my stubborn will to embrace His power, and do you know what happened? He delivered me. That may not be profound to you, but the word “delivered” has never meant the same to me again. When I think of God as my “Deliverer,” I literally can not contain my emotion.

God has hundreds of names because He means something different, but just as personal, to each one of us. He loves us so uniquely that He can be EXACTLY who we need Him to be at exactly the right time. What name is He to you?

Pray: God, your name is too great for our minds to comprehend, but through your Spirit, our hearts can understand. Thank you for how uniquely and personally you love us. Teach me more of your names, and give me the ability to praise you for each one. In Jesus’ name, amen.