Week 1 | Tuesday


Submission (Submit to God’s will)

Read: James 1:19-25

If you’re a parent, think for just a moment about your child looking around the house for something.  If they’re like most kids, they run to you and ask, “mom, dad, where’s my (insert lost object here)?”  And before you can utter two words, they’ve darted off in the opposite direction, your voice trailing behind them.  You’re finishing your sentence, and you hear a muffled “I can’t find it!” from the other room.  And you roll your eyes yet again.  If only they had stopped talking and listened.

Do you think God feels similarly when we mix up that simple passage in James: “be quick to listen and slow to speak”?  When we pause to pray, it’s tempting to immediately begin spouting off our list of needs and desires.  But we learned on Sunday that prayer becomes especially powerful when we stop talking – and listen.  As Pastor Jeff said, “prayer isn’t about getting God on your agenda; it’s about getting you on your Father’s agenda.”  Are you really seeking after His heart and His will – or your own?

Because we can’t physically see or hear God, it can be tempting to feel foolish waiting to hear Him speak; but the words He whispers to our hearts in quiet moments are so much greater than anything our ears could ever hear.  They’re words of comfort...of peace...of understanding...and of guidance to invest in things that are important to Him.  Don’t miss His voice today.

Pray: God, I’m taking the next few moments to power down, stop talking and listen to what You have to say to me today.  Speak to my heart, and give me the wisdom to do what You say. In Jesus’ name, amen.