Week 1 | Wednesday


Petition (Ask for your needs)

Read: Galatians 4:1-7

Many of us have been blessed with amazing paternal relationships; if you fall into that category, thank God daily for your father’s influence and the way it shaped you!  Maybe you’re like me, though, in that reflections on your earthly father don’t bring about positive memories.  My dad has always been a stern person – gruff, calloused and no-nonsense.  His personality and experiences with his own father made it difficult for him to show and verbalize his love.  It takes conscious effort for me to clean out imagery associated with my own father and begin to consider the character of my Heavenly Father; that’s because they aren’t even on the same plane.  I know what you’re thinking… “come on, your dad couldn’t have been that bad.”  He wasn’t.  It’s just that the love of God, our Father, transcends any love we could ever experience here on Earth, and it’s unfair to my dad to try to compare the two.

Galatians 4 is a reminder that until Jesus, we were slaves to the world.  But because Christ called God, “Father,” and Christ died for us, we can call Him “Father” as well; we’ve been adopted as sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in Christ.  Can you imagine a greater love?  When we were born to our parents, they were stuck with us, but God chose us.  He gave his own Son so that you and I might be heirs of Heaven.  Would He not also know what’s best for us and provide for our needs as an all-knowing, faithful Father?

Pray: Thank you, God, for Jesus; because of Him, I can call you, “Abba, Father.”  Thank you for adopting me into Your family and loving me as Your son/daughter.  I look to You to provide for me today, and I lift up all my needs to you.  In Jesus’ name, amen.