Week 1 | Thursday


Redemption (Forgiveness)

Read: Hebrews 10:19-25

One of the most difficult days of my life was when my mom sat us down and told us she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her doctor had given her 11-15 months to live.  We were floored – paralyzed with grief – but she had such a peace about it.  Of course she was discouraged and afraid, but for her, it was simple: “if the Lord decides to take me, He’ll take me.  And I’ll be fine either way.” After we overcame the initial shock, we sprung into action: getting a second opinion, discussing a treatment plan, and asking everyone we knew to pray – everyone. We called family. We sent out postcards to friends with her photo and a reminder to pray. Our community came together to love and support her, and the most amazing thing happened: she beat it. Over four years later, and she is still cancer-free, against all odds.

So many families are touched by cancer or other illness – maybe even yours at this very moment – and not all stories end the same way. I look forward to the day we’ll be in heaven where there is no sickness or sorrow. But I truly believe this: my mom fought harder with a community of friends around her, interceding in prayer on her behalf. As Pastor Jeff said, “our Father is plural.” His desire is for us to be in community where we confess to one another and care for one another and talk with our Father together, asking Him to meet our deepest needs. So, how can we do that? Be a part of a group. Trust others enough to lift you up in prayer, and do the same for them.  We can’t do life alone.

Pray: Father, thank you for the people in my life that I can count on. As Your Word says, help me spur them toward love and good deeds, and draw us closer together as we draw closer to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.