Week 1 | Friday


Protection (Deliver us from temptation)


Read: Job 1:13-22

The story of Job is one that we often revisit when we are faced with trials. He was a faithful servant put to the test when all he had been given was taken away. Job was put through the wringer, and he wasn’t quiet about it. There was a higher purpose to the test, though, and it was to reveal God’s sovereignty. In the end, God restored Job’s fortune, and Job was deemed faithful. I don’t know if I’d pass that test.

Sunday, we learned that “where God is big, our problems are small.” I would imagine that in the moment, Job’s problems seemed pretty colossal to him. Maybe you’re walking through a similar fire right now – you’re experiencing loss or struggling to make ends meet. There’s one thing I know: if we look at life through the lens of our problems, we’ll always be nearsighted; but if we look at our problems through the hope of Jesus Christ, things are much more clear.

Stop and focus for just a moment. What’s keeping you from moving forward today? What anxiety or fear is blocking your view of Jesus? Remember that He doesn’t call us to forget about it or block it out, but to lay it at His feet and trust that He is greater.

Pray: Father, thank you for being stronger than whatever I’m facing today. Help me to fix my eyes on You and focus on how great You are – not how small I am. Show me how to be faithful and trust you in the trial. In Jesus’ name, amen.