Week 2 | Monday


 Adoration (Praise God for who He is and ask Him to reveal more of Himself)


Read: Philippians 2:9-11

This week we are focusing on four of possibly the most powerful words out of the fifty-three that Jesus spoke in The Lord’s Prayer: “hallowed be thy name.” I don’t know about you, but I need to understand what that even means before I can put it into practice. For you language lovers, hallowed has Old English roots stemming from the word holy, and means “set apart as sacred or entitled to reverence or respect.”

So, here’s the loaded question… What do you cherish with the HIGHEST regard? What in your life is so revered that no one dare mess with it? I can think of several things, but you know the ONE thing that stuck out to me most in my self-examination? MY name. My name? It’s not even impressive, at all, but it’s personal. I’m just guessing, but I bet your name is pretty personal to you, too. Think about it. Do you ever imagine what other people say about you? When you aren’t around, but your spouse or your boss or your co-worker or your closest friend is in a conversation where your name comes up, what do you hope they say - or don’t say? Our names are important to us because we have a lot invested in them. They represent the total package of who we are from our character to our personal preferences.

So, if our earthly name means that much to us because it represents who we are, how much MORE should we regard the name of our Heavenly Father because of WHO HE is? “Hallowed be THY name.” Ask yourself, who is He personally to you that His name should be set apart in your life from all others?   

Pray: God, remind me of all the ways You have shown Yourself to me. Expand my grasp of what Your name means to me. Reveal things to me about your character so that when I praise You it might overflow from a place only my heart understands. In Jesus’ name, amen.