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Our Vision at Venture Church is to be a church for the unchurched.

That means we strive to be a safe place for people who are far from God. Many people are so deep in their brokenness that they don't feel good enough to enter the doors of a church. Some have been so deeply hurt by a past church experience that they walked away from their faith.

Our heart is to create welcoming environments and exceptional experiences where someone feels they can belong before they believe. When barriers are removed, people are more open and receptive to an encounter with God and the transformation power of the Gospel.


Our Mission is to lead people to know, love, and follow Jesus.

When someone knows Jesus Christ personally, loves Him passionately, and follows Him faithfully, their life looks different.

We want to see people so changed by God from the inside out that it permeates every part of their life - the way they love people, the way they serve others, and the way they worship God.


To help us to carry out our vision and mission, everything we do at Venture Church is driven by a four-part strategy: We INVITE with INTENTION, We INVEST in COMMUNITY, We IMPACT by SERVING, and We IGNITE through GIVING.


What does it mean to invite with intention? It means that inviting others to church is a part of your daily walk of faith. It means that in your ordinary, everyday interactions and encounters with your coworkers, your friends, your family, and even strangers, inviting others is at the top of your mind.

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Corporate worship is important, but investing in community by cultivating meaningful relationships with other believers is essential to growth. Genuine community happens when people get out of large rows and into small circles to pray, study the Bible, and walk through life together. This is modeled through House Churches, a place for adults of all ages, stages of life, and stages of faith to find community and grow deeper in their faith.

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Jesus served. It was a crucial part of His ministry. He served so that others might encounter God and be changed. As followers of Jesus, we are called to do the same – to serve in our families, workplaces, community, and in our church. The bottom line is that when we serve other people, we impact their lives with the love of Jesus.

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God does not need our gifts, but He wants our hearts. What we treasure reveals what our hearts worship. When you give financially, whether big or small, it is an act of faith lived out in a very practical area of life. When we trust God with our finances, we become part of His plan to ignite the spread of the Gospel and expand the footprint of Heaven.

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Core Values

Venture Church – Give By Mail

We Cultivate Heroes

Because we value pointing people toward their purpose.

Venture Church – Give By Mail

We Champion Teamwork

Because we value the house over any room inside.

Venture Church – Give By Mail

We Create Excellence

Because we value belonging before believing.

Venture Church – Give By Mail

We Choose Joy

Because we value the privilege to participate.

Venture Church – Give By Mail

We Celebrate Change

Because we value the message—not the method.

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