Week One | Day Two

Read: “Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.” Proverbs 22:1

Physical attraction isn’t a bad thing, but if it’s all we look for, we’ll be left disappointed, jaded and bitter as the years have their way. In Song of Solomon, Solomon wasn’t loved only because he was handsome, but also because of his great character. When outward physical appearance fades, what you’re left with is what lives deep inside the person’s soul. And no amount of exercise, trendy fashion or botox can hide a lack of integrity and character. In Proverbs, we’re told that a good reputation is better than silver or gold - so what kind of wealth are you and your partner building?

One way to assess someone’s character is to look at how well they submit to others. Now for many of us, the word “submission” causes us to quickly clamp up, armored with a defensive attitude. We come into relationships with the idea that submission means subservience, but that is not what we find in scripture. Real, Christ-like submission is humbly accepting the leadership that God has placed in your life. So how do you and your significant other respond? Do you set yourself up as your own source of authority, or do you willingly submit to those in roles of leadership? When we refuse to take direction from the leaders God has placed in our life, how can we humbly lead like Christ when placed in our own positions of leadership? How can we encourage and guide a partner in their walk with Christ if we’re unwilling to humbly accept that same kind of guidance?

Submission may play a big part in assessing someone’s character, but it isn’t the only marker. Don’t miss our next devotion as we look at other ways to analyze character.

Pray: God, help me seek to have a Christ-like character more than I seek to look good. Help me to submit under the leadership in my life, so that I can in turn lead like you do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.