Week 4 | Religious Leaders

A Gift of Action


Read: Matthew 2:1-6

Imagine knowing something BIG was about to happen. You’ve seen the billboards, the commercials, you’ve even been invited on Facebook and have the tickets saved in your cart. But when the time for the event actually arrives … you miss it. You, who have made preparations in advance to go, missed the biggest event EVER because you never actually purchased the tickets.

The religious leaders in Matthew 2 had the same story. They had been studying the Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Christ for a lifetime. In fact, they even had most of those prophecies memorized. They saw the signs pointing to a coming king. When the Magi showed up on their doorsteps, they even knew to point them to Bethlehem. But, when the time came for Jesus to be born, the religious leaders … did nothing.

You see, for these religious leaders, studying the prophecies had become more about sustaining their pretentious positions than satisfying a thirst in their hearts. And, in spite of their abundant knowledge, they missed the opportunity to be a part of a world-changing story. So often for us, we can treat church the way these religious elite treated the prophecies. We’ve all been there … we wake up late on Sunday morning, rush to get the family out the door, pull in the parking lot on two wheels and a prayer, sneak out after the sermon to beat the Methodists to lunch and check church off our Sunday to-do list. But, what if we stopped to really pay attention to the movement of God around us and asked how we can impact today’s world-changing story? As you enjoy Christmas, and look ahead to a new year, refuse to be lulled to sleep by the distractions of the world and ask God to revive in you an expectant heart.

Pray: God, never let me get so comfortable with the divine, so trapped into a routine that I miss out on the miracles You have placed in my life. Shake me out of my routine and reveal to me more of Yourself and Your plans. Use me in Your great story, and let me never miss out because of worldly distractions. In Jesus’ name, amen.