Week 1 | Day 2

Read: ”Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1


Letting go of the idea that everything must be perfect seems like simple enough advice, until you are the one stuck in the performance trap. If anyone requires perfection, it’s God, right? Well, yes, actually. In the Old Testament, God established The Law - a set of rules that people had to follow completely in order to be right with Him. But, as we read through the Old Testament, we see over and over that no one was ever good enough to perfectly follow the law. Rather than respond with anger or wrath because of our failure to measure up, God, instead, provided us a way (THE way) to become justified with Him once and for all. He sent Christ.

Christ willingly died on the cross for us knowing that we would never measure up, never achieve perfection, and that we would continue making mistakes. Through Jesus’ perfect sacrifice as a payment for our failures, it is no longer our performance, but faith, that offers us justification with God. Through Christ, all of our sin is forgiven. If God, who is perfection, forgives our mistakes and embraces us in full grace, isn’t that more than sufficient? Shouldn’t we simply receive His free gift with endless thanksgiving and resist the enemy’s seductive lure into the performance trap? Then, we can rest easy knowing that despite our failures, we are unconditionally loved. Today, thank God for His forgiveness and grace, and ask Him to remind you of these truths when you feel yourself succumbing to the lies of the performance trap.

Pray: God, help me let go of the performance trap I’ve found myself stuck in. When I fail You, allow me to forgive myself the same way that You forgive me. Help me be ok knowing that I can’t make everything perfect. Thank you for seeing my mistakes and loving me anyway. When I’m tempted to fall back into the performance trap, remind me over and over of your incredible love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.