Author: Katherine Pittman
Feb 12, 2024 | Matthew 6:14-15

Head: Know God's Word | Heart: Love God | Hands: Follow God's Way 

Read Matthew 6:14-15


Forgiveness is the topic of conversation many times in Jesus’ teachings and ministry, and we see that in our passage today. This idea would’ve been strange to the religious people of the day, and even now, it goes against what we want to do as humans. Forgiveness can be defined as giving a pardon for an offense against us - taking away the punishment for something we've done wrong. Forgiving someone is unnatural to us. It helps if we understand how much we have been forgiven or pardoned by our Heavenly Father through Christ’s sacrifice for us. 1 John 1:9 says that when we confess our sins because we are sorry and want to change, God promises to forgive us. When we go to God and tell Him we are sorry for the wrong we have done against Him, then we can have a heart that is willing to forgive others.


The closer in relationship we grow with one another as we do life together, the more we need a heart that’s willing to forgive others despite the faults we may see. This begins within our hearts, radiates through our homes, and moves outward to the people in our lives. Forgiveness helps relationships grow, while unforgiveness causes bitterness which hurts relationships. In His kindness, God has modeled this for us and commands that we offer forgiveness to others because He knows that’s what is best for us.


Take a moment to reflect on your heart. Is there someone to whom you need to offer forgiveness? Think about your home. Is there a relationship in your home that needs to be mended by an offer of forgiveness? Is forgiveness something that has to be earned in your home or is it extended freely? How can you lead your family in having a culture of forgiveness that’s modeled after our Heavenly Father?

Prayer: Lord, You are so gracious to us to forgive us for the wrong things we’ve done. Thank You for Your Word that reminds us how we are to live and how we are to offer forgiveness to each other. This world is sure to bring us hurt, Lord, but we thank You for Your comfort and Your grace that you give us to extend to others in forgiveness. May people around us see Your light in our family as we offer forgiveness to each other. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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