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Family Devos

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Dig deeper into God's Word with Family Devos! These short devotions are designed to help you and your family unpack each day’s scripture, find the personal connection to God's Word, and provide practical challenges for everyday life.

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Ty Park

The Lord's Strength

Feb 23    Isaiah 40:28-31

Ty Park

His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light

Feb 22    Matthew 11:28-30

Ty Park

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Feb 21    John 14:25-27

Ty Park

Bringing Our Feelings to God

Feb 20    Psalm 42:5

Ty Park

Trust Fall

Feb 19    Isaiah 41:10

Katherine Pittman

Ambassadors of Christ

Feb 16    2 Corinthians 5:18-21

Katherine Pittman

The Prodigal Son

Feb 15    Luke 15:11-32

Katherine Pittman

Do Not Harbor Anger

Feb 14    Matthew 5:21-26

Katherine Pittman

New Self

Feb 13    Ephesians 4:25-32

Katherine Pittman


Feb 12    Matthew 6:14-15

Amy Stampley


Feb 9    Psalm 103



Want to read more devotions to help you grow in your faith and followship of Jesus? Dig deeper with Daily Devos! These short devotions are designed to help you unpack each day’s scripture and provide practical challenges for personal application.

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