His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light

His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light

Author: Ty Park
Feb 22, 2024 | Matthew 11:28-30

Head: Know God's Word | Heart: Love God | Hands: Follow God's Way  

Read Matthew 11:28-30


In today's passage from Matthew, Jesus is inviting us to come to Him with our burdens and find rest. He promises that "His yoke is easy and His burden is light." Jesus is offering us a different way to live, one that is filled with peace and hope when we trust in Him. His words are meant to give us comfort and reassurance that we don't have to carry our troubles all on our own.


Imagine how nice it would feel to have someone take your heavy backpack and carry it for you, lightening your load. That's exactly what Jesus is willing to do for us with our worries and struggles. He wants us to come to Him and let Him take care of us, just like a loving parent would. How does it make you feel knowing that Jesus is inviting you to find rest and peace in Him?


As we think about Jesus' invitation to find rest in Him, let's share that good news with others. Maybe there's someone in your life who is feeling burdened or overwhelmed right now; you can offer them the hope and peace that comes from trusting in Jesus. Look for ways to be a source of encouragement and support for those around you who may need to hear about Jesus' love and care for them.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for giving me a better way to live. Help me to remember to tell you about when I'm having a hard time, and help me see the people around me who need love and encouragement. I want to love people like You love me. In Jesus' Name, Amen. 

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