Author: Amy Stampley
Feb 9, 2024 | Psalm 103

Head: Know God's Word | Heart: Love God | Hands: Follow God's Way   

Read Psalm 103.


Have you ever lost a family member who was very special to you? Did you know that our life on Earth is only temporary and that when we belong to the family of God we are given the gift of life eternal? "Eternal" is a big word that means never-ending and lasting forever. That is such a big thing for us to think about! In math, it relates to the word infinity. In math, infinity means something that goes on forever and ever and never ends. One of the best things about eternal life in Heaven is that when someone puts their trust in Jesus, we will once again be able to see those people who have passed away before us.


In Psalm 103, scripture tells us that God redeems us from death. People who are in the world and of the world - meaning they trust themselves and the things in this world instead of Jesus - are not promised God’s gift of eternal life. We, however, when we choose to follow Jesus and obey His Word and His Commandments, we are given the gift of eternal life. All that God requires for that gift is that we believe in Him. 

When you think about living eternally, what do you think Heaven will be like? What things do you think will be there? Are there any people that you want to see there? 


Prayer: Dear God, eternal life is hard to understand. Knowing that we will live forever with you is such an exciting thought. When we lose people that we love, it is hard to face the uncertainty of death. Knowing that we will see them again in Heaven is a blessing. Thank you, God, for all the ways You love us.  Amen.

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