Every Story Has Purpose

Have you ever been impacted by someone's story? It's through our stories that we find common ground - reminding us that we are not alone.

Your story has purpose and power. It can encourage. It can inspire. It can impact. Will you share your story?

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Jun 15

Gray Strickland, The Hunt Club Campus

Jun 12

Tyler Corbett, The Stone County Campus

Jun 10

Matt Henderson, The Lincoln Road Campus

May 10

Tessa Savage, The Lincoln Road Campus

May 9

Chiquila Dolison, The Lincoln Road Campus

Why Your Story Matters ... 

When we become followers of Jesus, God begins writing a new story in us. That story has purpose and power. By sharing our faith and what God is doing in us, we can encourage, inspire, and impact others.

But sharing your story can feel intimidating if you've never actually put it into words before. Documenting what God has done in our lives reminds us of His goodness and equips us to tell others about Him.

To help you get started, use the form below to answer a few key prompts to begin capturing your personal story of God's grace and faithfulness.

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